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The new Browns logo (left) and the old one (right)

Earlier today, the Cleveland Browns unveiled a new logo and helmet, quite possibly one of the most uneventful changes in a long time.  Previously, the Browns wore a plain orange helmet up through 2014.  Now, however, the team will be wearing a slightly darker orange helmet in 2015.  While the color hasn’t changed much, the Browns have changed the “Dawg Pound” logo significantly.  While the 2014 dog merely looked like a distrustful mastiff eyeing the paperboy suspiciously, the 2015 dog looks more cartoonish, yet also snarling and much angrier.  On April 14, the team will be releasing the new uniform.  Chances are that it won’t be too exciting, but who knows?

Over the course of their career as a football team, the Browns have undergone a variety of logo, uniform and even mascot changes.  Currently, they’re the only NFL team that don’t have a helmet logo, with the logo-less helmet serving as the team’s official logo, the helmet being nothing more than an unadorned orange color with a top stripe of dark brown divided by a white stripe.

The Browns’ original mascot was a “brownie”, an elf-like creature from Scottish and English folklore that was said to attach itself to houses and farmsteads and help out with work.  This remained their logo, in various forms, from the team’s founding in 1946 until 1969.  This elf has since been revived, although the official mascot is a bull mastiff, featured in the new Browns logo.  The use of the dog originates with the popularity of the “Dawg Pound” section at the First Energy Stadium.  Nonetheless, the Browns’ primary trademark remains the orange, logo-less helmet.

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