Rachel Komisarz-Baugh Joins Ohio University

Rachel Komisarz

Rachel Komisarz-Baugh, pictured here doing what she loves best: swimming.

Just yesterday, Ohio University’s Athletics Director Jim Schaus named Rachel Komisarz-Baugh as the Swimming and Diving head coach for the Bobcats.  Komisarz-Baugh joins Ohio after five years as the Associate Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach at the University of Louisville.  During those five years, she helped build Louisville into a nationally recognized swimmer powerhouse.  Currently, the Louisville women’s swimming program is ranked 13 nationally, and placed eight swimmers at the NCAA Championships.  Their men’s program is ranked at 15, and placed seven swimmers at the NCAA.

This past season, squads combined, winning eight races and both relays and sweeping the American Athletic Conference Championships.  Senior Joao De Lucca earned AAC Most Outstanding Men’s Swimmer honors, while junior Tanja Kylliainen received AAC Most Outstanding Women’s Swimmer laurels.  Komisarz-Baugh has been a vital part of the Louisville coaching staff that helped to coach the men’s team to its first top-10 finish at NCAAs in school history, and the first top 25 finish for the women.

After the colorful 2012-2013 season, in which the Cardinals did exceptionally well during both the BIG EAST and NCAA championships, Komisarz-Baugh was a finalist for assistant coach of the year at College Swimming Awards.  In addition to designing and executing the Cardinals’ workout programs, she also served as the primary recruiting coordinator for the Cardinals.  From 2010-2012, she recruited the 12th, 7th and 23rd fastest freshman classes, respectively.

Komisarz-Baugh, a native of Warren, MI, graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1999.  While she was in college, she was a three-time SEC Champion and seven-time NCAA All-American.  In 1999, she was the SEC Swimmer of the Year, and won the SEC Commissioner’s Award.  In 2001, she was a five-time World University Games medalist, tying the most medals won by a female swimmer during the games.  Later that year, she was offered a contract with Speedo.  She went on to represent Team USA in 2003 at the World Championships in Barcelona, where she set her first American record and became a World Champion.  The next year, she represented America in the 2004 Olympic Games, bringing home both a silver and a gold medal.

Over the course of her career, Komisarz-Baugh was a National Champion three times, and was widely recognized and respected as a leader.  She won 23 International medals and broke five American Records and one World Record.

Buttner Faces Scrutiny

In recent days, Dutch soccer player Alex Buttner has gotten a lot of negative press for his excessive flaunting of wealth.  Buttner, who recently got a year at famously wealthy soccer team Manchester United, is very active on social media.  Buttner’s brothers have their own instagram accounts filled with pictures of their brother and all of his new wealth; designer clothes, watches and cars, some of which are even complete with a price tag.  To them, it seems like their brother is living the dream, and they want to show the world.  Nonetheless, people view this display as vulgar, envy-invoking and plain obnoxious, especially considering that the player has failed to make a significant impact since signing from Vitesse of Arnhem in 2012.


Alex Buttner, pictured here, playing for Manchester United.

However, fellow Manchester player Rio Ferdinand admires Buttner, claiming that he’s got “spunk” and a lot of personality.  The only problem, according to Ferdinand, is that Buttner can’t really get minutes, since player Pat Evra is in front of him in the lineup and plays every game.  Buttner has returned the love to Ferdinand.  He wears his company’s official caps and admires his branding as a social media impresario.  Buttner’s brothers are also fans of Ferdinand; one of them even got a new tattoo in honor of him.

While Ferdinand has nothing to prove, Buttner very much does.  Fans of Manchester United are still forming opinions about the young Dutch player.  Manchester United hasn’t been doing too well recently; many fans are upset that while Manchester is suffering, players like Buttner are posting flashy photos on Instagram.  One United player chose not to do a public appearance at a recent event in Manchester, since he felt that he couldn’t face the fans.  He felt guilty about Manchester’s recent poor performance, feeling that he’d let them down.

Many Manchester players are closing their social media accounts out of remorse.  Fans usually get upset when their players focus more time of Twitter and Instagram than actually playing.  Therefore, many are feeling upset with Buttner.

Lewandowski Denies Punching Fan

Recently, Polish soccer player Robert Lewandowski was accused of hitting a teenager in the face who taunted him and made offensive gestures at him.  However, according to a recent article on Soccer News, Robert denies the accusations made against him.

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski, the Polish soccer player who has been leaving his mark on Germany.

Lewandowski currently plays for Borussia Dortmund, a German soccer team.  However, he recently signed to join FC Bayern, another German team with whom Borussia Dortmund has a fierce rivalry.  This has angered many fans of Borussia Dortmund, who feel betrayed that one of their star players has joined their greatest rival.  Lewandowski isn’t the only one of Dortmund’s players to leave FC Bayern; last summer, player Mario Götze also joined Bayern.

On Thursday, while Lewandowski was driving through Dortmund, a teenage fan began yelling at him and throwing “offensive gestures”.  Lewandowski then stopped his car and got out to confront the 17 year-old.  The teenager then filed a complaint with the Police, claiming that the soccer player then punched him in the forehead.  Lewandowski has vehemently denied these accusations; according to him, he has “no intention” of teaching teenagers how to behave, but he nonetheless will not allow for himself or his family to be insulted.  He claims that he only got out of the car to yell at the fan, nothing more.

Dortmund backed their player and supported his statement; according to their CEO, Hans-Joachim Watzke, if Lewandowski claims that he never punched a fan, then they will stand by his claim.

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